Welcome to the West Coast Domestic Workers’ Association (WCDWA) “Labour Exploitation, Human Trafficking, and Live-in Caregivers” Clearinghouse. This website is for the use of Live-in Caregivers and their Networks of Support in the Communities of British Columbia, Canada.  This website is for sharing information on relevant, non-profit, free legal support and community-based resources on the prevention and combat of labour exploitation –a form of human trafficking. This website aims to share information and knowledge that is human-centered, user-centered and human rights oriented. The information shared in this website draws from our practitioner experience working with and for live-in caregivers and with fellow community-based organizations.  Our practitioner knowledge and experience of the legal and holistic needs and resources of live-in caregivers in British Columbia informs the design and content of this website.

How to use this clearinghouse:

The “Labour Exploitation, Human Trafficking and Live-in Caregivers” Clearinghouse is a tool for Live-in Caregivers and members of their communities, as well as for frontline/community-based service providers, who may be interested at the legal and human rights of Live-in Caregivers and other vulnerable workers with precarious migration status in Canada.  It is made possible through funding by the Government of Canada, Welcome BC and the Government of British Columbia.  This clearinghouse is meant to be a resource for the live-in caregivers in British Columbia, and will evolve with time, need and input.

As a Clearinghouse, this website has been designed to provide free information in the following ways:

Labour exploitation and human trafficking

Online publications and reading resources

Free legal support services

Community-based support organizations

Education and information events

Recent Canadian court cases

Finding information in this clearinghouse:
  • Use the top menu (tabs) to navigate through the main content areas of the site. Sub navigation options in these areas will cascade down from the top menu.
  • Use the Search tool if you are having trouble finding an item on the site, or if you don’t know exactly what you are looking for.
Contribute to this website:

The main objective of this website is to facilitate access to public legal information and resources to prevent and combat labour exploitation of Live-In Caregivers in British Columbia. However, this website also aims to provide a space to share relevant tools and resources produced by community-based, nonprofit, public programs and services.

You and/or your community-based organization or public service agency can participate in the site by using the information and making suggestions for adding content to the site. Some ways to contribute are:

  • suggest documents to be uploaded or web linked to (for example an educational PowerPoint presentation, a web link to a relevant video) to share with others;
  • provide information about organizations, services and programs that deliver support free legal and/or community services that welcome live-in caregivers;
  • list upcoming workshops, seminars or events related to labour exploitation or human trafficking;
  • add research papers, data or articles about labour exploitation or human trafficking of workers with precarious migration status;
  • send in your comments about information you read in this website.

If there are other features you would like us to add to the website, please contact us.

This website has been designed to evolve and grow through input and ideas. If you have any suggestions for new content or how we can improve the site, or if you wish to add an event please contact us. We welcome your feedback and contributions.